We are a Covid safe facility. Here is how we keep it safe.

AIR: Our HVAC system draws about 80% of its air from a filtered fresh air intake. Very little air is recirculated. We are running two medical grade HEPA air filters that exchange the air in the quiet space three times an hour. The phone-booths have a constant flow of air coming in and venting out. The bathroom has air venting out constantly.

HANDS: Everyone washes or sanitizes their hands upon arrival. We have hand sanitizer stations throughout the space as well as soap in the kitchen and bathrooms.

MASKS: We are not currently requiring masks in the space. We will keep up-to-date with the CDC's guidelines on masks, as well as local recommendations.

VACCINATIONS: We are requesting proof of vaccination from all current and incoming writers, with some exemptions made for medical reasons. Unvaccinated writers are required to wear a mask.

SURFACES: Writers are asked to disinfect their desks when they are finished working. Wipes provided. In addition we disinfect common touch surfaces during the day depending on use of the space.

LOUNGE: The lounge is open for eating and socializing. Our deck remains open for those who feel uncomfortable removing their mask indoors.

SCHEDULING: We now have a desk scheduling app that writers use to reserve a desk before coming to the space. This is our log of who was at the space and when, to be used for contact tracing purposes.