The Brooklyn Writers Space Reading Series is a monthly series held at BookCourt with current and former members of the Brooklyn Writers Space. The series is representative of the diversity and talent of our members, who are working in all genres, and are both published and unpublished.

163 Court Street between Pacific and Dean streets
F or G to Bergen Street

FRIDAY, October 24th @ 7:00pm

:: Leslie Maslow's :: essays and stories have been published in Tin House, Open City, Anderbo and other literary journals. She's working on a novel.

:: Sara Lippmann :: is the author of the story collection Doll Palace. Her stories have been published in The Good Men Project, Wigleaf, Slice magazine, Tupelo Quarterly, Joyland and elsewhere. She is the recipient of a 2012 fellowship in Fiction from the New York Foundation for the Arts and co-hosts the Sunday Salon, a longstanding reading series in the East Village. For more, visit: saralippmann.com.

:: Kristin Russo :: is the author of This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids, along with her business partner Dannielle Owens-Reid; the two are also co-founders of the LGBTQ youth organization, Everyone Is Gay. She resides in Brooklyn and holds a Master's Degree in Gender Studies from the CUNY Graduate Center in Manhattan. She also has a cat named Trey who does not yet hold any degrees.

:: Kathleen Donohoe :: is a native of Brooklyn, New York. Having lived in Midwood, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope and Carroll Gardens, she is now in Kensington with her husband and son. Her debut novel, THE ASHES OF FIERY WEATHER, is forthcoming from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in Fall 2015. Her fiction has appeared in several literary magazines, including The Recorder: Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, NYU's Washington Square Review, Harpur Palate, Hampton Shorts, New York Stories, Web Conjunctions and the SNReview. She serves on the board of Irish American Writers & Artists and works in the administrative office of Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for the 3rd Quarter 2014

We are currently accepting APPLICATIONS for all three of our locations.

Click here to see our rates.

PARK SLOPE 58 Garfield Place :: 22 desks in a 2000 square foot facility. Features include a roof-deck garden for peaceful contemplation, a kitchenette lounge for eating, a collection of eclectic books to inspire and a skylight in the writing room.

CARROLL GARDENS 286 Court Street :: 18 desks in a 1200 square foot bright historic storefront just down the street from BookCourt. Comfortable lounging furniture in the writing room give you an alternative workspace. Kitchenette lounge has a a long maple wood eating bar.

GOWANUS 168 7th Street, 3rd Flr :: Known as ROOM 58, this space is designed for writers seeking both a quiet space and a room to sit at a desk and take care of the business side of writing, whether it's interviews, working with a writing partner, or talking to your editor. This space is shared with visual artists in a 10,000 square foot 3rd Floor loft. The lounge is bright. There are eight desks in the quiet room and five desks in the business/phone room.

Tours by appointment only, please contact scott AT brooklynwriters DOT com

The Reader, a Brooklyn Writers Space Reading Series Anthology still available, LIMITED copies left.

$15.00 plus tax/shipping

THE READER is a 411 page collection of voices and characters including gangsters, painters, weirdos, sad sacks, wanderers, musicians, activists, sexual healers, angels, stoners, hammer-wielding madmen, separated twins, and glenn gould that represent the 2007/2008 Brooklyn Writers Space Reading Series. THE READER includes novel excerpts, stories, plays, and screenplays all by the unique writer's community at the Brooklyn Writers Space.

Contributors to The Reader are: **Paula Bernstein**Andrew Boyd**Donald Breckenridge**Danielle Durkin**Jennifer Cody Epstein**Matt Everett**Paul Feldman**Marian Fontana**Yvonne Garrett**Ezra Goldstein**Sharon Guskin**Drew Haxby**Mark Jacobson**Martin Kleinman**Michael Lazan**Edmund Lee**Marcia Lerner**Lorraine Martindale**Robin Messing**Joan Minieri**Honor Molloy**Rosemary Moore**Wendy Ponte**Dominic Preziosi**Elyse Schein**Martha Schwendener**Josh Sohn**Rachael Stark**Albert Stern**Paul Takeuchi**Alex Tilney**Rachel Urquhart**

This section features current and former members of the Brooklyn Writers Space. New books, DVD's and links added all the time. This list was lasted updated 11/16/2009.

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